Is Core Strength Really the Answer to Back Pain, or Are We Living in a World of Core Confusion?

Many people suffering from back pain have been told that the answer is to build up strength in their core muscles. Before you run to the gym, yoga or pilates studio, ask yourself one question. What if your core muscles are already strong, just not in the way you’re used to hearing about it?    […]

Could Over-Exercising be a Cause of Back Pain?

I read a recent WSJ article entitled, “How Much Work Can the Back Do Without Strain?” in which Dr. Kee Kim, chief of spinal neurosurgery at UC Davis talked about how to work with your back and not go overboard. The article starts with some serious stats on back pain in America. Would you believe […]

Meralgia Paresthetica – Could Skinny Jeans be the Culprit?

Recently, I had my first client with meralgia paresthetica. I hadn’t come across that before, so I googled it. I read that it occurs when the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (a sensory nerve) becomes trapped. The pain can be intolerable, as those of us who have felt nerve pain — it can feel like fire […]