Are you confused, frustrated and just plain tired of your aches and pains? Are you scheduled for surgery and searching for that last ditch hope? Most people are in this type of situation when they first hear of Hanna Somatic Education. Fortunately for many, this can be the surprising, missing link in the milieu of medical/alternative practices out there.

My clients often report hearing these frustrating responses from their doctors/practitioners when they report their pain:

  • Look at your age, of course you have pain
  • Your joints are worn out from many years of use
  • You inherited your problems
  • Your pain is caused from weakness and you need strengthening exercises
  • Stretching is going to give you some much needed length in your joint (or muscle area) that is affected – go to yoga class!
  • You have this “fill in the blank” syndrome (e.g., idiopathic: piriformis syndrome, inhibited glutes, psoas issues, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, scoliosis, to name a few)

How did you get to the place you are in now? Every insult we take to our bodies – from falls – to surgeries – to strenuous exercise/weightlifting – to sitting and holding your body while at work – to any number of things you encounter over your lifetime will cause your body to REACT with a reflexive tightening in some areas or even body-wide. We’re talking muscle tension! And, it can build over time until it becomes painful. You often don’t feel the tension building until the pain comes and goes. It doesn’t get your full attention until the pain comes and stays. Then, eventually, your brain stops you in your tracks and forces you to seek help.

Whatever your situation, you owe it to yourself to come in and try a private session. You never know if muscle tension is the true source of your pain unless you explore it. What I love about this technique is that it actually works with the body’s natural tension release system. I am happy to teach you what to do so that you can become more confident in your body and don’t become a weekly client for the next decade, not that I wouldn’t enjoy getting to know you more! This is a very unique approach. Not only do I help you determine your muscular dysfunction, but I custom design homework for you and teach you how to heal yourself! This is a skill that will keep helping you, throughout your life.