Have you ever heard of a pain relief approach where you learn how to heal yourself?

That is the Holland Somatics way.

Holland Somatics is quite different from other pain relief services, because we provide education services, not therapy.

You learn somatic techniques that enable you to harness the power of your sensory-motor system and reset muscle tension levels. Movement patterns are specifically designed to address the most common muscular tension problems people experience.

You can feel the difference!

Muscle tightness is held by your own brain, and only you can release the tension.

You will learn how to retrain your brain to relax muscles when they are at rest. Most chronic tension is held 24/7, even when you are not moving, which is why pain and fatigue are almost always present together with chronic tension. The muscle is just plain worn out and needs a break!

As you progress, your pain lessens and eventually disappears. Imagine the possibilities your life holds when pain no longer holds you back.

When you reach the point where you have things under control, you are on your own. Annual sessions are a good idea to ensure that old habits/postures don’t reappear. And, if you suffer any type of injury, including surgery, a session is always recommended to release unnecessary and often “hidden” tension (you may not feel it) caused by the injury.

One note, this technique does not address all types of pain. The pain has to be specific to muscle tightness and joint imbalances caused by muscles held overly-tight by the brain. Some people have side effects from medications that cause pain/stiffness. Others have nervous system imbalances which can be caused by any number of issues. The good news is that Holland Somatics can help you determine rather quickly whether or not your chronic pain can be helped with neuromuscular education.

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