Kathy can guide you through a customized learning program that addresses your unique challenges.

Do you have any of the following issues?

  • Chronic muscular pain that aches all the time
  • Pain that mysteriously appears/disappears
  • Tension or “body-heaviness” that makes you feel tired, even when you are not doing much at all
  • Difficulty standing up, walking, carrying items
  • Balance issues when standing, walking
  • Full-body coordination difficulty, arms/legs knock into walls, furniture when walking through a room
  • Muscle weakness (not associated with paralysis)

Most people experience improvement after one session. For those who don’t, it could signal that the source of their pain is not in muscle. Typically, people find 3-5 sessions to be ideal, with follow-up visits as needed. Often, pain resulting from a fall or physical trauma improves more quickly than repetitive movement or holdings that build up over decades. “Tune-ups” every six months are highly recommended. One note, a healthy central nervous system is necessary for best results. People with neurological conditions (Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s) may achieve some relief. Also, when bone, tendon and ligament length are surgically altered, their may be limits to the results that can otherwise be achieved.

One thing I like clients to know is that when the pain is gone there is still work to be done to lower tension levels enough that vigorous exercise or a jump won’t reassert the original tension pattern. People often find this out on their own as they get back to their lifestyle before pain. The movements that you learn in session are often the best solution, although sometimes you may want the “jumpstart” that a session provides.

Sessions involve lying on a table, fully-clothed. You will be guided by verbal direction and measured resistance to perform very specific movements designed to release muscle tension in a body-wide, integrated way. We aim to avoid pain during the sessions, moving within your comfort zone at all times.

More Details on Private Sessions

  • The first session begins with a Somatic postural/gait assessment and review of past injuries, remembered “insults” to your body.
  • Next, you will receive a full lesson, focusing on large muscles of the trunk, including body-wide movement patterns. Often, pain felt in one area is affected by muscle tension in other parts of the body.
  • For best results, I recommend limiting your exercise/sports pursuits while doing weekly Somatic sessions. Stretching/strengthening/weight lifting and jumping, especially using a rebounder, are not recommended during this time. I always recommend walking, if it is comfortable.
  • Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length. Please allow 90 minutes for the first session.
  • Homework is provided during session or afterward via email (within 24 hrs.), if custom movements are required for your particular situation.
  • Private sessions cost $100. Payment options: check, credit card, cash.

Begin your transformation today.

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