“If you can feel it, you can change it.” – Thomas Hanna

Holland Somatics is not passive. You must be actively involved to experience results.

Holland Somatics is not difficult. However, it does require some commitment to the effort.

Holland Somatics is not a pill or quick fix. You will experience a unique opportunity to learn how to effectively reduce pain (if musculoskeletal in origin) and optimize your true potential.

It’s really as simple as this: use your own perception to become aware of what you want to change and use learned movement patterns to affect change.

Most people find Holland Somatics to solve a particular pain issue. Over time, most experience that the techniques they learn become an important part of their daily life. If you’ve ever wondered what your body’s true potential is, you’ve come to the right place.

So, what’s this all about? Let’s quickly review the learning process.


  • Your Posture Tells a Story – What does your posture say? Think of your posture as a process that is run by your brain/nervous system. For example, people who are tall often bend forward often to communicate with those who are shorter. Some develop a patterned posture where their head is forward on their torso with shoulders rolled forward to some degree.

Self Sense

  • Learn to sense how your brain “holds” your body in its posture
  • Become aware of how specific muscles move your body
  • Begin to sense that overworked, tight muscles = weakness + fatigue

Release & Reset

  • Voluntarily move the body in a specific way
  • With full control, release the muscle contractions associated with that movement
  • Repeat until you achieve desired results

Train & Maintain

  • Reinforce daily with a 10-15 minute full-body routine
  • Become more aware of other inefficient, habitual patterns (at desk, in car, working in kitchen/garage, etc.)
  • Annual “check-in” session or as needed to unwind, unlock and reset

Experience Holland Somatics for yourself.

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