Doing Somatics Feels Good

“I just wanted to share this. I do my Somatic exercises on a regular basis. But, three times a week when I get home after riding my horse, I also do arch and flatten with variations just because it feels good.”


My Sciatica Pain is Gone

My client sent me a text that read: “Because of the hip flexor release move, I am new! I can do all my cleaning pain free!”

I called her to get the full story.

“Since mid-April I’ve been doing this leg movement Kathy taught me and it’s really working. I was so surprised today when I got through washing my 1,600 square feet of hardwood floors pain free for the first time. When I noticed a little tightening of my back, I stopped for a couple of minutes, did the move on both legs, and it went away.”

My Back Pain is Now Under Control

“My back has been a problem for many years. When I think about it, I guess the problem was always there, as I had terrible posture as a kid. My parents even took me to the doctor and he tried to teach me how to stand as straight as a piece of string hanging down. Well, that never worked,” says Sherry, a retired school teacher.

Soccer Player Resolves his Quadriceps Pain

“Sometime during my freshman/sophomore years in high school, I hurt my right quad and it never got better,” says Ryan, a college student and avid soccer player.

Simple Moves Stopped my Knee from Swelling, Aching

“My daily routine is 10 shoulder rolls and 10 Arch and Flattens every afternoon on my living room floor. My dog thinks this is the best time of the day and brings his toys out, ” says Gwen, a retired office administrator.

Entrepreneur and Church Organist Relieves Her Neck, Shoulder Pain

“I began my Somatics with three private sessions in 2009, over the summer. Then, I took Kathy’s six-week class at the community center the following Jan/Feb. After the class was over, I took some additional personal training somatics at the community center with Kathy,” says Theresa, a business owner and church organist.

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