Adding Biofeedback Training to Hanna Somatics

I have completed a 5-day biofeedback training course held by Stens Corp. It was an exciting learning experience! I was very motivated to take this training, as I’ve found that some clients have difficulty with the releasing phase of their somatic movements. Almost everyone is really good at contracting muscles, but for some, the release part isn’t easy and can in some cases result in further tightening.

Adding muscle biofeedback information during a somatics session enables you to see on a computer screen how effectively you are slowly putting the “brakes on” your contracted muscle(s). Once you start to “see” and “feel” what’s going on, you may better understand, “oh, this is how it feels to slowly release tension. I wasn’t aware of that before.” Once the background tension level is low enough, you don’t need the biofeedback tools because you’ll be able to sense it for yourself. I look forward to helping my clients build more confidence when doing their movements. More to follow as I get closer to announcing the release of this new service!