Do you have days when you ride in sync with your horse and other days when you feel like you can’t quite come together? Or, you’re in a lesson with your riding instructor, and you keep hearing, “shoulders back,” “relax your back,” “heels down, toes in.” It can be difficult to keep this all together, while you’re listening to your instructor, trying to get your body to do what you want it to, and at the same time get your horse to follow your lead. Most people never think that excess muscle tension could be the source of the problem.


We are constantly barraged with ads about eating healthy, improving agility, strength, endurance. So, you go to the gym several times a week to strengthen up, yoga class to lengthen up, but you keep hearing the same corrective posture instructions during your riding lessons. Might it be time to try a different approach? Now you can. And even better, you can experience your riding before and after a Hanna Somatics session right at your barn. Even better, if your riding instructor is present, you both can experience the difference that a session in sensory-motor learning can make.

Kathy will observe you and your horse while you ride. Your instructor can also share with Kathy you’re working on. Often, there are issues such as leaning to one side in the saddle, that you’re not even aware of, or if you are aware of it, you might be adding too much tension to your other side to correct for it! Generally, you’ll ride for 10 – 15 minutes.

Then, Kathy will give you a Hanna Somatics lesson, teaching you how to release chronic tension in your body on her somatics table (20-30 minutes). It is recommended that your horse is nearby during the session so he/she experiences the relaxation along with you. Following that, you’ll get back on your horse and feel the difference in your riding.


Once you release some of your background chronic tension, your brain will operate you at a different level. The best part is that you won’t have to “think” about how to sit in the saddle. Your posture will change automatically. Kathy can also provide homework lessons so over time you can further release your most chronic tension problems. Keep in mind, lowering tension levels in the body is a process, and can take time to remain at a level that suits you best. Some clients like to do private sessions in my studio, with occasional sessions at the barn to see how they’ve progressed.

As a once avid mountain bike rider who grew up with scoliosis, my own experience (back in 1999) was eight sessions over three months which took care of my chronic pain and back spasms. The self-care work that you do on your own is extremely helpful in maintaining a long, strong, relaxed back/body. I teach you what “you” need to do based on your own unique tension pattern(s).

$150 per session (within 20 miles one way from Holland) at your barn. Private sessions in my studio are $100.

Here’s what one of Kathy’s clients had to say about her experience:

“After Kathy worked with me and I was back in the saddle, I was stunned at the difference. For the first time, I felt totally connected to my horse, and my body was in the most relaxed position I have ever felt. Bear’s body noticeably relaxed too — his head lowered, his tail swinging naturally. It was a joy to finally know what riding without tension feels like.” -Nancy Harrington

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